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Think twice before tinting your BMW

May 27, 2008 Leave a comment

The sunlight in Southern California is real bright. To protect the little fellows in the back seats I decided to tint my BMW 325. The tint shop quoted me $165 over the phone but managed to sell me a $265 one later for “better UV protection and longer warranty (5 years) against fading”. The film contains 50% metallic material, contrary to the 100% “dyed” material at the quoted price, which is said will fade in 3 years.

Unfortunately I found that after the tinting the AM reception of the car became very very bad – at least my favorite Chinese radio station (1300/1600) is virtually just noise. FM seems just fine.  A few days later I was told by the BMW dealer that the radio antenna is at back window. Obviously the metallic material interfere with the radio reception.

I’m a little upset about that tint shop because it has been tinting cars for over 10 years and should be aware of this issue.  Recently a lot of cars use built-in antenna in windows. The BMW dealer told me that they use special tinting material  – maybe that’s why they asked for $400+.

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“Forever” stamps

May 16, 2008 1 comment

The US postal service has raised the First Class mail postage a few times in past few years. I kind of lost track of at what price I bought my stamps since some of them do not have a face value printed on them. Today I asked an post office staff. She told me that those stamps without a face value are called “Forever” stamps, and they can be used no matter what the current potage rate is. Great!

Correction (7/1/2008): that staff was wrong. There is only one forever stamp:

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Secret Storage for Geeks

May 2, 2008 1 comment

We have seen those secret storage disguised as books, power switches even rocks (hide in gardens of course). But hey, here is one for us computer Geeks:

Secret storage

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