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Zero $0 commission on stock trading

Update on 6/1: Now you have to have over $25,000 balance to have the 10 free trade every month. Otherwise it’s $4.5.

Oops, forgot the small print – restrictions applied.

Zecco.com offers 10 free trade every month as long as your balance (cash and stock market value) is over $2500. After 10 free trades or lower balance, you pay $4.5. Well, that’s still cheaper than most of the online brokers. I have opened an account, and placed 2 free trades already. So far so good. I don’t see any catch here. For small investors who place less than a dozen trades every month, this is just perfect!! If you sign up using this link:


I will get $50 credit. Hey, I will split it with you. 😉

They say they can offer free trade because they do not provide other services other than online trading. I don’t know what services Fidelity could give me when they charge me $19 a trade. I do all the research myself and just need basic trading. $2500 balance? That’s the minimum to have any excitement in stock market, isn’t it?

They also say online brokerage earn most of the income from margin account interest so they can use free trade to attract account signups. That’s perfect for me since I don’t use margin. In a sense, the 10 free trade is also a kind of “reminder” that restrain me from excess trading.

Zecco doesn’t have extended hour trading. The web interface is not the best one I have seen. But, for free trades, it’s acceptable.

For those trade more, you can consider http://www.just2trade.com. They charge straight $2.5 a trade no matter what your balance is and no limit of trades. I don’t have an account but from my research I haven’t seen anyone saying bad on them yet. But anyhow, I’ll no longer trade with Fidelity.

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