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Trimwork – Molding

Trimwork – 不知该怎样翻译,指门窗包边,腰线等等,有高雅、温馨的家居装饰效果。这次装修,Trimwork是一个大头。这部分我们花了很多心思设计。而且和地板互相衬托,各增色不少。



  • 一楼天花板和楼上走廊的天花板加molding
  • 楼下所有的窗户和门洞加木框
  • 一楼加腰线,把所有的2寸的base board(踢脚板?)换成5寸的
  • 楼上走廊加4尺高的墙板


一点经验:窗户的casing可以选再厚一些的,这样立体感更强,更突出(我们的好像是3/4 inch);客厅吊灯上的rosette大小应该以吊灯的直径为参照,我们的有点小了;molding上的dentil(花边)可以再醒目一些,我们选的这个远看不是很明显,而且也因为花纹太小,油漆也盖住了不少。但总体上我们是很满意的。点击看照片,照片中有文字说明。

Molding/moulding is one of the motivations I want to do this remodel project. It adds distinctive touch and transform spaces with plain-looking walls (which most of the new built houses are) into elegant, handcrafted rooms (which we can call a ‘home’). Also, it will greatly compliment the beautiful wood floor.

I borrowed many books from library and also bought a few to collect ideas. Eventually we decided what we want:

  • crown molding with dentil all over the first floor and hallway in upstairs
  • chair rail in first floor
  • window casing and door opening case in first floor
  • replace the existing base board with the 5 inch one
  • add wainscoting in upstairs hallway

I shopped all my molding materials at http://www.worldofmoulding.com (I bought in local store but still got the 10% discount). I chose MDF since I want white molding anyway (and I’m not rich enough to use all wood molding). I picked sample, took picture, did measurement at home, and finally bought molding material worth of about $3000 with my contractor (he has the big truck to carry them).

Time-wise, trimwork took about 50% of the labor time. Compare to all the past projects my contractor John has done, mine obviously is a complicated one. But that’s just my bare minimum. If I had more time and budget, I would have done more.

Click this link to view photos.

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