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Google services I’m actively using

Google really has lots of talented people there. I like Google in many ways – technical excellence, creative ideas, smooth implementation and very very clean user interface.

The Google service I’m using in daily basis are:

  • Search, of course
  • Map. This is so good that I have to list the features below, as I feel all the people should use google map. 🙂
    • drag to move and with keyboard shortcuts to zoom
    • satellite view (not so fancy now as Microsoft also has it)
    • real time traffic info (so I don’t have to check sigalert.com’s ugly interface)
    • real street picture in some areas (available in some big cities and is expanding. I can see the picture of 5 and 91 in front of my house.)
    • customize the driving direction. Don’t like the direction it gives you, customized it, so you can still print it out and get the time/mileage information.
    • nice print option – it allows you to customize the printed version and put a note at the top. How thoughtful this is!!
  • Reader: a RSS feed reader.
  • Bookmark: then I can access my bookmark both at work and at home
  • Document: I use it as my online USB drive, and I can share files with friends with different read/write access rights. Drawback: office type documents only.
  • Note: take quick notes about anything so I don’t have to write it in a scratch paper then lost it.
  • OK, almost forget – GMAIL! It has no doubt best web-based email interface.
  • I also use Adsense and Analytics to generate revenue and visit statistics for my sites. Google local as online yellow page, blogger to put some of my blogs etc.

I put all these in my iGoogle home page so it’s very accessible. I know there are some companies also offering online bookmarks/file sharing etc. But the biggest hurdles for me is they are not easy to use. Google minimize the clicks you need to access them and, with just ONE ACCOUNT, you have everything.

Visit google labs and you may find other goodies.

I wish google would pay me for this advertising grade blog. 🙂

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