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Guest Bathroom 楼下的卫生间


楼下的卫生间因为是在入口处,主要给客人用,所以我们想把它装修得正式一些。因为屋里采光不太够,所以在材料和颜色上都尽量用明亮的。This bathroom is quite small. But since it’s at the entrance and at the first floor where the beautiful hardwood is at, we want it to be formal, shining and elegant. Due to its small window, this room doesn’t have enough light during the daytime. So we also want it to be lightened up a little bit more.

dsc_1663.jpg原来的白色合成材料的洗手台换成了黑色花岗岩。为了保留原来的L型,我们还多花了$200多。洗手台的边,和后面的档水板都是“OG”边(不是普通的圆边)。The original white cabinet was kept but the old counter top was replaced by this beautiful “black galaxy” granite. We paid about extra $200 to custom make this L shape and the OG border, versus the regular round border (called bull’s nose). The backsplash also has OG border. We also added a soap dispenser at the counter top. The white soap tray here is more for decorative purpose.

原来的镜子也加了木框。The mirror was also framed – but if I would do it again I would stain it instead of painting it in solid white.

dsc_1691.jpg地板是米色的大理石,用绿色的小石头框起来。大理石是1尺见方的,但是因为框起来的部分太小,就切成了半尺的。作框的绿石头是在1尺的sheet上的一个个1寸的小方块,我们买了大约3张,就剪出来十几尺作边框用。As far as the flooring, we chose light cream color marble, and framed it with small green onyxe stones. The marble we bought were standard 12×12 inch. Since the frame is too small, we had the contractor to cut in to 6×6. The frame border and the diamond inserts in the center were from 3 1×1 onyxe sheets – this is a very economic way to make borders. A $18 sheet can be cut to at least 5 1-foot borders.

这个绿漆刚涂上去的时候显得太浅,太嫩。但是干了之后就很好,完全是我们想要的效果。The wall color is “Green Tea” (BEHR) from Home Depot. When we just opened the paint can it looked too light. But after the paint is dry it’s darker and is exactly what we wanted.
油漆是我们后来自己刷的。All the work was done by the contractor, except the design and the paint.

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