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Mural in upstairs 楼上的壁画

Completed Date: 10/29/2007

I came across some wall murals at http://www.swdecorating.com when I was shopping for wall paper borders. The price is much cheaper ($90) than I thought and the size matches the open space we have on upstairs wall. We finally got the MEDITERRANEAN ARCH.

But putting it up is quite a challenge – especially the space over the lower stairs. I used 4 2×4 and a ladder to set up a work platform. I wrapped the ladder shoes otherwise it will leave black rubber mark on the wall.

The wall mural consists of 8 pieces. I measured and cut first first. Rena helped me to put it up. It’s easier than we thought even this is our first time with wall paper. No bubbles at all. It’s paper – not vinyl. There were also vinyl versions but cost about $600+. The paste (powder) came with the package and the instruction is very clear. I just used a wallpaper smoother bought from Lowes ($2) and that’s all the tools I used.

We decided to also cover the door to have the best visual result. Besides, we like the chair to be in the picture very much – it helps to bring the view to real life and the empty chair is very inviting. However, covering the door took much longer time than we estimated. Since the door is of raised panel style, we had to cover it first with hard paper.

The whole thing was done after 1 am. We left the baby at the babysitter’s house.

Naturally, this spot became the choice of the background for group pictures.

Thanksgiving gathering with Ying and Xiaomei’s family.

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